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A Kete user recently asked me this: Is it possible on the Kete site (either the 'live' or 'staging' site) where you can add a topic or other but you still want to have it open so that you can go back and make any changes before you want it to go live. Is there some way that we can do this on Kete? I know you can add stuff and then edit it later on but would like a preference to edit things in a place on Kete before making it live. Any suggestions? Answers below.

There are a few ways to do this and the answer depends on your situation.

  1. The most restrictive way (only moderators and basket admins can see the "pre-released" version of an item) is to use the "full moderation" preference for a basket. That means that all submitted items in a basket must be reviewed by a moderator (except those submitted by moderators, basket admins, or site admins) before the public or members of the basket can see the item's version in question. This goes for public (anyone can see) and private (only basket members can see it) versions. This is a basket wide setting, so it might be overkill for what you want.

    The above technique can be used to replicate a "author submits item, no one can see it until an editor (moderator) reviews it and publishes it by marking as live" publishing workflow.

  2. A variation on this is to use the flagging feature to restrict a version of an item to moderators and basket admins, but you can do it on a item by item (or even version by version) basis. In other words you might add a new flag called "not ready for public", create the item, and then immediately flag. Technically the item will be public (or available to seen by basket members if it is private) until you flag it and only moderators can see it, but this could be very brief window if it your item creation workflow policy. Of course, there is danger of someone forgetting to flag it right away.

  3. Another avenue is to use a basket's privacy controls to enable private items and then make an item private by default. This means, of course, that an item can only be seen by basket members. When you are ready for the public at large to see the information, you go to edit the item and change the privacy for the setting item (at top of form) to "public".

  4. Now, what if you have a basket where you want to keep the item public from the membership until such time as it is ready? My recommendation is to create a new basket with members that are working on this "not ready for the wider membership" item(s) (say the basket's membership is a working committee), make sure it is set with privacy controls set to private by default and to never make the item public. When you are satisfied with the item, go to edit this item and use the "Move to another basket" field to then move the item to the basket that has the wider membership.


So a fair amount of flexibility. It really depends on your situation.

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