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Kete relies on Zebra for it's search results. Zebra is run as separate computer process from the Kete application. Here are some tips for how to manage it.

Originally written by Walter McGinnis, Kete Project Lead for Katipo Communications, Ltd.

Part of the Installation Guide

Kete needs a running and configured Zebra process in order to work. The Installation Guide outlines how to set up Zebra, but sometimes you may need to do additional maintenance.

For example if, you had to restart the host that runs your Kete site, Zebra will not be started automatically, you will have to do this yourself. Here's how:

If you are using the Simple Installation setup, do this:

$ cd ~/apps/your_app
$ rake zebra:start

Or if you are using Capistrano to manage your deployments, from your development enviroment you can do this:

$ cd ~/apps/your_app
$ cap deploy:zebra:start

As you might expect, the above "start" part of the commands can be replaced with "stop" and do what you would expect.

If you really get yourself in a pickle and mess up your Zebra search indexes there is a way to reset and start from scratch. However, it's a tad convoluted at this stage. Please contact Walter McGinnis and bug him to write it up!

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