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A list of what's new in Kete 1.1 and issues that have been resolved.

Originally written by Walter McGinnis, Kete Project Lead for Katipo Communications, Ltd.


Beyond the new features added, we have put in a number of security improvements, including a patch for the recent REXML vulnerability.  All existing Kete sites should upgrade for improved security.

Major features of 1.1:

  • Privacy Control - ability to designate any item version within a basket as only viewable to its members (guide at
  • Content Licensing - user can choose from Kete instance's available Licenses for a piece of content they create. Creative Commons licenses are available to be loaded as license options with one command on the server.  (guide at
  • OAI-PMH Repository - an Kete instance can optionally answer OAI-PMH requests for its content.  (guide at
  • Force use of SSL Encryption on Private Items and User Account Information (optional) - Kete now can be configured to use HTTPS for all sensitive areas (login, registration, private items, certain administrator functionality). (guide at
  • Slideshow like content navigation - functionality for browsing between items in a search set without returned to Browse/Search results page
  • Results Sortability (by title, date, last modified, or relevance) of Browse and Search results, complete "pagination" links to result pages rather than just "Previous" and "Next"
  • Simple Bulk Import - site administrators can now upload a zip file of items of the same type (images, audio, video, documents) to be related to topic and it will be unpacked and related to the topic.  Huge time saver!
  • A new "add item" link on every page
  • Site adminstrators can opt in to have site listed on at configuration or later with "List Site on"
  • Improved accessibility of user registration by adding question based CAPTCHA as alternative to image based CAPTCHA
  • Less constraints on commenting - basket administrators can decide to allow non-basket members to comment on their items.

Lower profile features of 1.1:

  • Updated Kete to run on top of the 2.1 version of the Ruby on Rails web framework
  • Ability to unlink related items and updated look for "Link to a related topic" and "Link to new basket homepage topic"
  • Better Basket Add/Edit/Preferences interface
  • Support for many more types of files that can be uploaded to Kete (images,
    documents, archives etc), better handling of determining what type of file is 
  • YouTube videos (and other multimedia objects) can now be embedded into a items descriptions
  • This one is a big one for sites that have programming details like our Installation Guide... syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, SQL, bash, YAML, XML, and Perl (with system settings to enable/disable each one).
  • Added a direct web interface to Rebuild Search Databases (previously undocumented and clunky) for technical administrators.  Greatly improved its speed.
  • Better error handling (404's and 500's now shows when you expect them to)
  • Better notification to the user when a login fails due to incorrect details
  • Ability to gracefully stop a bulk import before its finished
  • Emails no longer need to be unique (allows parents to register children using one email address for example)
  • Improved XHTML validation (increases browser support)
  • Altered searching for contributions of a person to use their unique login (should limit results to exactly one person on the site rather than anyone with the same user name)
  • Improved Theme selection layout and interface.
  • A good bit more that I haven't tracked down details of!

Bugfixes of note:

Not a complete list see details at

  • Linking to images/urls with ampersands (&) now works as intended
  • Newly registered members no longer get duplicate account activation emails
  •  Login names can no longer have spaces
  • Better handling of uploaded files mimetypes
  • When a user gets permissions denied, they are no longer logged out
  • Searching no longer causes errors when no records are found
  • Renaming a basket now correctly updates the search engine
  • Related items search returned an error when no thumbnail version of  an image in results was available
  • Added missing login required filter call for basket appearance and  homepage options forms
  • Removed limit of ~65k on some fields by changing TEXT to MEDIUMTEXT
  • Lack of contributor attributes on some item types caused zebra search failure on contributor pages
  • Saving some items resulted in duplicate entries in zebra database
  • Header misplaced !important, failed to display custom image in themes
  • Deleting a basket index topic caused an error on basket index page when "only show homepage topic" was checked
  • For older sites, routes.rb would fail because hard coded id for Is Configured system setting would be wrong
  • Fixed when basket homepage cache not cleared when topic updated


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