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Hi, Right now there isn't a phrase specific way to define a pluralized version of the phrase (simply rules for the language at large), but we may be to build
Thank you Kieran for bringing this topic "Pluralization and Singularization in Translations" to the attention.  We done the change to disable Pluralization as follows: PluralizeValues = { :ar => {} }
Thanks for that.  Instructions were clear and helpful.
That's my point. You can't disable truncation and have Kete search work. There was a design decision (narrowing results by type such as Topic, StillImage, etc. among other things) in
hello walter ,thanks for your interesti want to disable the truncation , how can i do that ?and when i use 5=100 in  QUALIFYING_ATTRIBUTE_SPECS =>  'partial' => "@attr 5=100 "the