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I've made a note in the topic above that you can safely ignore the "Ruby is not up to date" warnings from "mongrel_rails cluster::start".   On Debian, I wouldn't update
It seems that Kete is not picking up my database configuration at a late stage in the process; any ideas?Excerpt from config/database.yml:  development:   adapter: postgresql   database: kete_dev   username: kete   password:
Hi Sam, The db:bootstrap task is actually drops the db, creates a new blank version of it, then loads in the schema via a db:migrate, then loads default data. So,
Ah, that "Engine=InnoDb" code is in a plugin which is why I wasn't familiar with it. I'll look into it tomorrow and let you know when there is a fix.
Here's a more permanent patch.  Works with MySQL, if you could test it with PG, I would appreciate it.  If it works with PG, I'll commit it to trunk:    table_options