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Thanks Walter... I had granted way more rights than necessary to get it going by the time I read your reply :) However, I think, looking back at it, that I
I have been following the instructions carefully up to this point, and they've been excellent.  This is the first snag I've run into (but it sounds like an important one
I finished the install and browsed to my kete installation and got this error: I installed RMagick : gem install rmagick   but this did nothing. If I remove the require RMagick line
 In the file:zebradb/zebrasrv-kill.shThe command:ps -o pid,ppid -ax Might be: ps -o pid,ppid axThis is on Debian etch. 
Apparently the colon separator that is in the keteaccess file has to be a slash "/" on the command-line for yaz-client!  So that question is answered.  However, my kete problems