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Give this howto a try: You'll want to replace "/etc/hosts" with "/etc/apache2/httpd.conf", but otherwise I believe that should give you what you want.
Walter sorry for the duplicates not sure what happened and thank you for removing. You are right on the money I need to work on command lines. I was able
Hi nlk, I'm not sure what level your command line proficiency is, so I apologize if this seems obvious and doesn't help. Could you do a simple "ls" in from
I think the install went find. I am having problems editing or finding any of the config files.  Also unable to find the ~/profile files or .bash_profile or .bashrc files. 
Hello nlk. I recently install Kete on REE/mod_rails on Mac Leopard without any issues. There are a few places in this document that require tweaking. When I have the time,