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Hi there, I am installing the Kete on a open suse linux server. Everything so far is ok, but I get stuck with the load the default data. I decide
Your Zebra and Yaz versions are the problem, I'm almost positive.  So uninstall what you have and follow the directions for installing from source in for the exact versions outlined
Hello, Walter. Thank you for looking at this. In response to details about the setup I'm running: I'm using Nginx/Mongrel. I get the same result with either master or 1-1-stable.
Hi Clay, I actually haven't installed on Lenny yet, so I'm not sure our steps are going to be accurate in that context.  Good of you to be a pioneer!
I'm using a freshly installed 1.1 on Debian Lenny. After completing the install and priming the zebra indexes, all searches return a HTTP 500 error. After performing an index rebuild