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Hi nlk, Glad you made it a bit further down the track.  Almost there, really.  Are you using any version control system (Git, Subversion, CVS) with your copy of Kete's
  Thanks for your help learning command lines. Below is my trace any help appreciated. GCPLKete:kete nancy$ rake db:bootstrap --trace (in /Users/nancy/apps/kete) ** Invoke db:bootstrap (first_time) ** Invoke db:drop (first_time)
Hello again, Check the note at the bottom of this step of the installation: Important Note: At this point, Apache2 and Passenger are installed but not yet configured for our
Do I need to install my app (kete) to /Library/WebServer/Documents/kete    bash-3.2# tail -n 200 /var/log/apache2/error_log [Tue Dec 23 11:36:01 2008] [warn] Init: Session Cache is not configured [hint: SSLSessionCache] [Tue
that helped able to edit items now  Why when I try to restart  I get no such file or directory but the line before says file exists. All the files