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Here's a scenario: Each course (or course instance) has a basket where the students are regular members (they may add and edit material in the basket). Instructors for the course
My first shot, based on a couple months experience evaluating Kete and (currently) designing/building a demo site: Excellent environment in which to a group can self-start, develop/maintain discussion, and facilitate/foster
You can find a version of git packaged for Solaris 10 on Sparc at  There is also a source link.  Might be useful for non-Sparc machines.
If you run into a problem during the "rake db:migrate" step with an error that looks like this: Mysql::Error: Unknown column 'baskets.show_privacy_controls' in 'where clause': SELECT count(*) AS count_all FROM
When you try to deploy to a server that isn't on port 22 (the ssh standard) then it won't work. To get around this, you can set which port you