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You can find a version of git packaged for Solaris 10 on Sparc at  There is also a source link.  Might be useful for non-Sparc machines.
If you run into a problem during the "rake db:migrate" step with an error that looks like this: Mysql::Error: Unknown column 'baskets.show_privacy_controls' in 'where clause': SELECT count(*) AS count_all FROM
When you try to deploy to a server that isn't on port 22 (the ssh standard) then it won't work. To get around this, you can set which port you
With newer versions of Backgroundrb, the configuration file has changed. If you get an error like the one below on startup, try updating your config/backgroundrb.yml to something more up to
Marc,Great to hear you are back in the swing of things.  You should be pretty close then.  Enjoy your new Kete instance!Cheers,Walter