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You can work around this error by using Safari browsing in the near term.  Sorry, I am at a conference and can't fix  the actual bug.Update 2008-04-09: This bug has been
For whatever reason, I get some errors stopping zebra. kete@kohavm77:~/apps/kete_stable_dev$ sudo rake zebra:stop(in /home/kete/apps/kete_stable_dev)Warning: bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'? See$ sudo rake zebra:stop(in /home/kete/apps/kete_stable_dev)cat: /home/kete/apps/kete_stable_dev/log/ No such file
"cap deploy" is not quite working at the moment.  I have some bug fixes in the works.  For the time being, I recommend using the steps as outlined in,Walter 
I suspect that you are using a later version of YAZ and Zebra than is specified in the installation guide.  See this comment for details: confirm that you are using
So when I go to: site/search/rebuild_zoom_index?skip_existing=falseWhat does a user do if they get:XML Parsing Error: mismatched tag. Expected: </div>.Location: Number 120, Column 3:</body>--^  The last time I saw this