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Hi Peter,Great to hear that you are making progress.  I'm looking forward to including your install instructions.Cheers,Walter 
Walter,I ran the rake process with trace. The result is below. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [kete@commstest apps]$  rake --trace prep_app(in /home/kete/apps)** invoke prep_app (first_time)** execute prep_app"this may take awhile and have a lot of output. 
Walter, Thankyou for advice. It seems to have made things a little better in that I am now getting a different error message. As below---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[kete@commstest apps]$  rake prep_app(in /home/kete/apps)"this may take
Ah, didn't read your last post fully.  Looks like you can get out from the box via http as tested by wget (how else would you be able to install
Sorry, I don't have experience with MS Proxy.  I guess my suggestion would be to go with the direct internet until you finish the prep_app task, which it sounds like