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Kete 1.1 announcement.

Kete 1.1 is now available with a giant helping of new features and improvements.  This is also the first release where you can grab Kete from our code repository's new home at  See the downloads page for details or browse the code online at

An in-depth list of features and issues resolved can be found at, but here are some highlights:
This site and Kete Horowhenua have been upgraded to use Kete 1.1.


The Installation Guide at has been updated for Kete 1.1.


If you already have an existing Kete site, the upgrade steps are outlined at

Reporting Issues:

We are also now using a much more robust issue tracker for reporting bugs or requesting features at, but I recommend you take a look at first.


Kete 1.1's major work was funded by Te Reo o Taranaki, Aotearoa Peoples Network New Zealand (, the New Zealand Mental Health Commission (, Katipo, and HLT. It was done by myself, Steven Upritchard, and new Kete team members at Katipo, James Stradling and Kieran Pilkington. Patches were contributed by Joe Atzberger and Mason James for Liblime as well as Sam Villain for Catalyst IT, Ltd.

Kete is a Ruby on Rails application, so huge thanks go to those that have worked on Ruby and Ruby on Rails for providing a great foundation to build an application on top of. Thanks also go to the team at IndexData ( for their work on Zebra which Kete uses as the basis for its search and browsing functionality.

Kete also benefits from numerous plugin and gem developers, see vendor/plugins and config/required_software.yml for details. Thank you for the great software libraries!

Enjoy Kete 1.1,
Walter McGinnis
Kete Project Lead
Katipo Communications, Ltd.


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